Looking for quality sound system equipment rental in Dubai?

Wedding, Conference, Party, Birthday, Exhibition, Grand Opening, or any other special occasion? No matter 10 or 500 guests you will have — sound quality is crucial for the success of your event. Bad lightning and awful sound can ruin weeks of your preparations and hundreds and thousands of dollars you put into your important day, cause your guests will never forget that creepy sound and poor lightning you’ve had. But don’t worry, you can easily avoid such situation by booking only good-quality equipment.

And that is why we’re here to help you! 

Dubai Events sound and lighting rental services HodunShow, provides only the best high-quality equipment for our clients! We carefully select our partners in sound and light and invest only in the leading brands of audio-visual products.

From HodunShow you can always rent:

  • TURBOSOUND sound system
  • A&H Mixer remote control
  • Geyser and fog machine (all that fog and mystery, so impressive… you know)
  • Confetti machine
  • JBL Turbosound sound system
  • 3 kilowatts generator (for the loudest sound ever)

High-quality lighting system for the brightest parties, concerts and shows ever:

  • Moving head beam
  • Moving head wash
  • LED par
  • Truss system

We do realize that the main amount of companies doesn’t consider your own vision when they provide sound and light for you conference, party or fashion show. They choose the easiest way and give you a standard kit that can be just not suitable for your special occasion. But HodunShow works only with qualified specialists, who will select all the equipment individually for you and your wishes. If you don’t know what all the words in the list above mean, you can always make a call and ask our specialists what do you need for the loudest sound and the most beautiful light on your party. 

By the way, if you also want to stop worrying about finding the best decoration, catering, MC, Dj, and all the important stuff for your special day — also call us for booking your perfect event, which HodunShow team will create individually for you (and with great love).

You can rent as little or as much equipment as you need depending on your requirements and budget. And remember, HodunShow always works only FOR YOU, so call us right now and rent the best equipment in Dubai!



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HodunShow event company we understand how important it is to impress your audience with corporate entertainment.

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