Its uniqueness in using of new technologies for 3D visualization, scenery, simultaneously using in several planes and concepts, light performance and most importantly - especially in the fabulous mood! This embodiment the concept filled with colorful dance and theater performances, large-scale decoration sets and special effects, surprised by modern technology! Our tale has a lot of magical events and adventures! You've heard that the whole world was covered with snow, and there was the eternal winter?

We will live together with the heroes of all events, we try to save the world from eternal winter and melt the icy heart! There is original domestic production, which combines the approach of drama and theater in Europe, the most modern stage technology, costumed dance show, large-scale decorations, interactive scenes with the audience and unexpected turns in the script. The project involved more than 30 professional dancers, 12 heater actors.

The auditorium is fully will become part of all the musical adventures of the characters thanks to the tools of magic! In order to gain all the staging will apply the modern developments of special effects (neon lighting, the snow generator), mobile decoration sets, transformers and most importantly - LED screens, with which you can move in any point of the wizarding world and perform miracles on stage!

The text of the show: English

Duration of 1 show: 30 - 70 minutes

The show can be on open (covered) or closed stage.

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