The world's only a play on the stage on the novel by Arthur Conan Doyle, "The Lost World"

Modern theater technology.

Living dinosaurs.

The adventures of favorite characters.

The scenery as close as possible to the original. 

Scenic finds will surprise you!

This is the real magic.

Huge reptiles impress both adults and children!

One of the main tasks of the creative and technical team of performance was, make the decor as close to the real sceneries, hide dinosaurs control technology, to the viewer saw the realistic dinosaurs. For the creation of dinosaurs it took more than 3 years.


The children said:

  • I really liked it!
  • We were all thrilled
  • So many impressions! So many emotions!
  • ... And these sounds!
  • Very good production of the play.
  • Good story.
  •  ...humorous
  • …interesting
  •  ... a little bit of comedy
  • ... it was looked like a book
  •  ... such an interesting, fun
  • It was very beautiful!
  • No one knew about this world before.
  • It was like a dive in the tropics ...
  • As if I was in this lost world!
  • ...monkeys dance... They were like real!
  • Beautiful, dynamically!
  • Great stage decoration! Everything lives and moving!
  • Just everything volumetric…
  • Oh! It is beautiful there! There dinosaurs ...
  • Yes! Dinosaurs it's wow...
  • I'm nay was scared! :))
  • They are gorgeous!
  • It was a real dinosaur!
  • Journalist ... he's so smart ... He was very similar to the real!
  • Everything was good!
  • It is seen that all tried very hard.
  • Good performance. I would like to come back.
  • I liked everything!
  • It's like a movie!

Adults say:

  • We were at the pier, then on the ship, then in a jungle ...!
  • ... I really liked the transformation of the scene.
  • ... and when the tree was collapsed!! ...
  • This is a real buzz for the viewer!
  • The director managed to reconcile the irreconcilable.

* This play for children not younger than 5 years.

The text of the show: English

Duration of 1 full show: 65 minutes (with intermission)

1st action

  • 45 minutes; Intermission
  • 30 minutes; 2nd action
  • 50 minutes.

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